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Our Work: Outreach

Through outreach and education activities, HAP strives to raise community awareness about our work, local resources, issues, and policies that are relevant to the immigrant community. Much of our outreach is focused on educating our community about topics such as housing/tenant rights, immigration, healthcare access, and worker rights. Additionally, a few other areas of community outreach are focused on the following;

Welcoming Colorado

Building Bridges, Sharing Stories, Telling Your Story Videos

Building more inclusive and welcoming communities for all members of our community is an important part of immigrant integration. HAP works with local organizations to explore immigration and the role of immigrants in our community. We do this through presentations, film discussions, and activities that bring immigrants and non-immigrants together to exchange stories, break bread together, and build connections and relationships.

An important piece of building more welcoming communities revolves around transforming the public dialogue on immigration into one of respect and dignity through relationship building, community education, and communication. HAP encourages people who are moved by our efforts to take concrete action to make Colorado a more welcoming state for all by taking individual action to welcome and connect with immigrants, writing letters to the editor in support of inclusivity and immigration, and by asking your faith or community groups to be more inclusive.

Migrant Outreach

Sheepherders and Workers Rights

Every year, hundreds of foreign workers make the trip from Mexico to Western Colorado to help with the harvest under very low-paid and harsh summer conditions. Meanwhile, another group of foreign workers from South American countries, mainly from Peru, are permanently living and working in a highly undetected labor system to supply the workforce for the sheep and ranch industries.

For many years, HAP has been visiting sheepherders and farmworkers to provide information, supplies, and to better understand their working and living conditions. Through the support of community members, churches, and the collaboration of local agencies, the workers and their families have received assistance for many basic needs including food, clothing, and primary health care.

Combatting Human Trafficking

After meeting several H-2A visa sheepherders in 2006 and learning about the abuses many workers were experiencing, HAP began advocating for sheepherders across the state. Several workers shared horrific stories about abuses such as wage theft, the privation of freedom, starvation, lack of medical attention and winter clothing, and psychological and physical abuses.

One of HAP’s goals is to educate the public about trafficking cases impacting migrant workers and undocumented immigrants in our communities. Through key partnerships, HAP’s efforts have had a significant impact on the local, state, and federal levels to move forward policies that improve labor standards for these workers.

Voter Engagement

The Hispanic Affairs Project believes that active civic engagement is key to immigrant integration. We believe that everyone has a voice and that voting is one way for people to have their voices heard. Choosing to exercise your right to vote is a choice for equality, for effective policies, and for your community to thrive. We promote this by:

  • Registering New American voters.
  • Encouraging active voter participation in local, state, and federal elections.
  • Helping to educate voters through community forums and outreach to eligible and current voters.
  • Helping voters understand the electoral system, ballot information, and where to seek assistance if they have difficulties with the voting process.


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