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Our new home and community space is located at 504 N 1st Street in downtown Montrose. Stop by to see us or call us at 970-249-4115.

Join us for the 2nd Annual CULTURE FEST

Saturday, September 23, 2023, at the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose. ​​

Culture Fest will feature local exhibits of the diverse cultures that make up our community - food, art, music, performances, and more! For more information: 970-249-4115 / [email protected]

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Are you eligible for U.S. Citizenship?

There are many reasons to become a U.S. citizen including:

  • Right to petition family members
  • Derivative citizenship for children,
  • More employment and educational opportunities
  • Full civic participation
  • Public benefits
  • Travel benefits
  • Protection from deportation

The Hispanic Affairs Project is an agency recognized by the US Department of Justice to represent citizenship applicants before the USICS in their immigration processes, including citizenship. Contact us TODAY to begin your journey toward citizenship at 970-249-4115.

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Get Educated

We encourage our community to get informed about the complex issues surrounding immigration and to take action to help create more inclusive and welcoming communities. Here are some resources to get you started!


Welcoming America – www.welcomingamerica.org


Belonging Begins With Us – US Ad Council – belongingbeginswithus.org

National Immigration Legal Center – www.nilc.org
Define American – www.defineamerican.com
New American Economy – www.newamericaneconomy.org
Migration Policy Institute – www.migrationpolicy.org
Informed Immigrant – www.informedimmigrant.com
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition – www.coloradoimmigrant.org
American Friends Service Committee – www.afsc.org

Colorado Office of New Americans – cdle.colorado.gov

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