HAP is a grassroots based organization

Promoting social integration of the immigrant and refugee communities in western Colorado through leadership development, community organizing, advocacy and key services.

About HAP

HAP is an organization serving the immigrant population in six communities in Western Colorado. HAP envisions Western Colorado communities where cultural diversity is valued and immigrants have opportunities to contribute as integral members through active civic participation.

HAP believes that society and its institutions should be based on the principles of equality and solidarity so as to respect the dignity and human rights of every human being.

- Actividades del Mes/ Events & Meetings

- Hispanic Affairs Project (HAP) Receives Recognition & Accreditation from the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to Offer Legal Assistance to Low-Income Families, Asks Community to Help Fund Program. Press Release: BIA Press Release May 1, 2015 - El Proyecto de... read more

What does HAP do?

Provides opportunities for Hispanic leadership development — both for youth and adults — through trainings and active participation in community life.

Focuses on community organizing to meet the needs identified by the communities.

Works towards social justice through legislative issues affecting immigrants, migrants and refugees.

Collaborates with other local, state and national organizations on activities and projects that support the immigrant community.

Supports families affected for the deportation process and other issues concerning their immigration status.

Coordinates the Hispanic Affairs Committees (former JFI committees) and supports the integration of the newcomers.