Thanks to all of you who were able to join us Sunday afternoon in learning more about what the members of Hispanic Affairs Project have been doing in our community.  We hope you were as inspired by the stories of Esperanza, Miguel and Carla as we were. We are truly grateful for all the generous donations folks made to HAP that day. And the food – oh my gosh, we need to give a big round of applause for how well HAP members and Fiesta Guadalajara fed us!

If you weren’t able to join us, we encourage you to check out HAP’s Facebook page or website to learn more about them and help support the work they have yet to do. You can make a donation online here.

We know you all do other things in our community that make it shine. Let’s continue to build a spirit of solidarity in Montrose and make it a place where everyone can thrive.

Brenda & Kevin Williams, Montrose, CO