Today, many countries around of the world are in Holiday celebrating the International Workers’ Day. On may 1 of 1886, Chicago (along with other cities) was the site of major union demonstration in support to eight-hour workday.

The last week, we had the opportunity to reflect about the workers in our communities. With the facilitation of Towards Justice, a nonprofit organization in Colorado focus in labor right, HAP organized several community meetings in Grand Junction, Montrose and Gunnison to learn more about wage theft and labor law in Colorado. Among the industrialized countries, the United State is behind in appropriate regulations to protect the workers, to provide fair salaries and benefits to all.

A long road is ahead to improve the quality of life of the workers and their families, especially minority groups as immigrants, migrants, and refugees.  As organization, we are committed to rise the voice of the workers to advocate for better labor conditions. The immigrants move from one place to another looking for work and new opportunities. We need to celebrate the fact that our country and state was built with strong character. Why stop now?

Press release:

English: Labor Rights 5.17. docx

Spanish: Derechos laborales 5.1.17