In 2016, HAP was instrumental to pass the bill HB 16-1391: Concerning a prohibition against non-attorneys providing legal services related to immigrant matters.Though there are federal and USCIS regulations to ensure immigrants receive pertinent immigration legal services, the State of Colorado was in need to make a very specific legislation to combat the fraud of “Notarios Publicos”. Individuals and business providing services in Spanish are playing the role as immigration attorneys for decades. Notary may not prepare legal documents or act as a legal adviser.

To learn more about this issue, please read the follow documents and help us to stop this rampant problem in our communities:

1. What does the bill say? Notarios Fraud Bill HB1391

2. How to bring a claim against a Notario Publico: Notary Law in colorado

3. List of accredited agencies in USA: Justice.Gov/List

4. Information for advocates and lawmakers: Stopping Immigration Scam: A tool