May 2018: A group of High School students participating in the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), in partnership with the Hispanic Affairs Project (HAP), visited local businesses to distribute posters as part of the National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A very high rate of sexual assault abuses happens against minority groups, and frequently, traditional agencies do not have the capacity to assist victims when they belong to minority groups. The current anti-immigrant environment makes it more difficult for many victims to report abuses. Western Colorado has a very large community of first generation immigrants and is not an exception. Many abuses are never known publicly or victims do not receive sufficient support due to cultural and language barriers. This year, HAP is providing community outreach and education to Hispanic immigrant families in the prevention of sexual assault, domestic violence, and how to report abuses. The safety of every member of our community deserves much more attention and collaboration from us of all. Thanks to our local business and our youth for supporting this important issue.