Civic Engagement

We believe that everyone has a voice, and that voting is one way for people to have their voices heard. Choosing to exercise your right to vote is a choice for equality, for effective policies, and for your community to thrive. 

The Hispanic Affairs Project believes that active civic engagement is key to immigrant integration.

We promote this by:

  • Encouraging active voter participation in local, state and federal elections.
  • Promoting voter education and participation through community forums and outreach to eligible and current voters.
  • Helping voters understand the electoral system, ballot information and where to seek assistance if they have difficulties with the voting process.
  • Providing opportunities for community members to advocate for issues impacting their community.

Volunteer to...

  • Canvas homes to share literature with potential voters
  • Conduct phone and/or text outreach with potential voters
  • Drive voters to the polls on November 3rd 
  • Pick up and drop off sealed mail in ballots for voters who are unable to get to the ballot box on election day 

Take action on local issues!

Here are ways you can get involved locally to make positive change in your community:

  • Mobile Home Park campaign to improve local neighborhoods
  • State legislative campaigns to protect immigrants
  • Welcoming activities to build bridges between immigrant and U.S. born communities