Combating Human Trafficking

  HAP Board member Tom Acker was appointed by the Gov. Hickenlooper to the Colorado Human Trafficking Council to serve as the fourth of five representatives of a regional or city-wide human trafficking task force or coalition. The purpose of the Colorado Human Trafficking Council is to bring together leadership from community-based and statewide anti-trafficking efforts, to build and enhance collaboration among communities and counties within the state, to establish and improve comprehensive services for victims and survivors of human trafficking, to assist in the successful prosecution of page 6 in HB14-1273 human traffickers, and to help prevent human trafficking in Colorado. Please click here to learn more about the announcement from Governor Hickenlooper.

Acker Connects Dots Between Human Trafficking and Food Supply. Matt King, Western Colorado Congress, Autumn 2015 Newsletter, p. 4.

Information about Human Trafficking

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