2014 Proposed Legislation

In order to inform to our friends and members, we list below several legislative proposals in the 2014 Colorado Legislature. Proposed legislation may impact hundreds of families in the immigrant and refugee community. We urge to you to contact your representative to voice your opinion for a more perfect and humane society. You can go to the State’s website for phone numbers and email addresses for Colorado Senators and Representatives, or download this Excel spreadsheet of state legislators(Note: Senators and representatives are on two different worksheets in the file.)


Legislation Proposed in 2014

SB14-005: The Wage Protection Act (Senator Ulibarri, Representatives Singer & Duran) SB14-005: Acta de Protección del Salario (Senador Ulibarri, Representantes Singer y Duran) HB14-1273: Human Trafficking (Representatives McCann & Wright, Senators Newell & Schwartz) HB14-1273: Trata de Personas (Representantes McCann y Wright, senadores Newell y Schwartz) HB14-1285: The Taxpayer Protection Disclosure Act (Representative Ryden, Senators Aguilar & Johnston) HB14-1285: Acta de Divulgación de Protección del Contribuyente (Representante Ryden, senadores Aguilar & Johnston) HJR14-1009: Ask Congress to Restore Voting Rights Act (Representative Williams, Senator Ulibarri) HJR14-1009: Pedir Congreso Restaurar El Acto de Derechos de Votación(Representante Williams, senador Ulibarri) HB14-1167: The English Language Proficiency Act (Representative Navarro) HB14-1167: El Acta de Dominio del Idioma Inglés (Representante Navarro) HB14-1292: The Student Success Act (Representatives Hamner & Murray, Senator Johnston) HB14-1292: El Acta para el Éxito Estudiantil (Representantes Hamner y Murray, senador Johnston) SB14-010: Mobile Home Communities (Senator Kefalas’ bill to provide important protections for residents of manufactured home communities in Colorado) SB 14-010: Comunidades en Parqueaderos (por el senador Kefalas. Provee importantes protecciones para residentes en casas manufacturadas en Colorado)