Pro Immigrant Policies

We urge to you to contact your representative to voice your opinion for a more perfect and humane society. You can go to the State’s website for phone numbers and email addresses for Colorado Senators and Representatives, or download this Excel spreadsheet of state legislators(Note: Senators and representatives are on two different worksheets in the file.) 2015 IMPACT IMPACT (HB 1356-Improving and Maintaining Protections Accountability and Community Trust Act) sought to lock in and build upon the wins that our members and our partners had achieved at the county level working with sheriffs around the state. For now, the IMPACT Bill did not have the support of some legislators. IMPACT would have ensured that: ?? · -Without a valid warrant, signed by a US Magistrate or Judge, immigration related documents (ICE holds, Administrative warrants, Requests for Notification, etc.) would not have delayed or prevented the lawful release of an individual in custody of local law enforcement agencies. · -No one should be discouraged from bonding out of jail because of immigration-related documents and they should not be delayed from release when accurate bond is posted.?? · -When Immigration Officials ask to interview or contact a person in local law enforcement’s custody, that individual would have been advised of their rights to remain silent, consult an attorney, have their attorney present, and to refuse the interview. Written consent would have been required before ICE interviews are permitted. IMPACT enjoyed the unanimous support of the Colorado Sheriffs’ Association and during testimony not even one person who testified in opposition; nevertheless the state representatives decided to vote it down along party lines, putting that above community wellbeing and justice. This law would have saved the State of Colorado hundreds of thousands of dollars, it would have improved community collaboration with police, it would have ensured due process, avoiding that people like Bernardo Medina, a member of our community and citizen of the United States be turned over to ICE and end up spending several days incarcerated accused of being undocumented.