Board of Directors

HAP consists of a Hispanic immigrant-based member board and executive committee along with additional committees who develop the work plan and ensure actions are realized. The committees include Fundraising, Social Justice/Immigrant Rights and Leadership Formation.

  1. Message from Jose Talavera, Board President during HAP Anniversary in June 22, 2013. En nombre de la mesa de directores del proyecto de asuntos hispanos
  2. Message from Jose Talavera, Board President duirng the Rally & March pro-Immigration Reform in Grand Junction, April 27th, 2013: Nuestro Trabajo
  3. Youtube message from Jose Talavera, HAP Board President, Part 1 and Part 2.

HAP’s Board oversees the organization’s work based on a five-year Strategic Plan with six key components:

1. Immigration and Integration
2. Leadership & Community Organizing
3. Migrant Outreach
4. Civic Engagement
5. Immigrant Advocacy
6. Community Resources